MathML is based on XML so each mathematical operation is enclosed within a pair of tags, The initial tag for enclosing an operation is


The most commonly used elements for basic sums are:

  • <mi></mi> - Math Identifier commonly used for x,y,z items this will show an enclosed item in italics
  • <mo></mo> - Math Operator commonly used for +,-,× etc.
  • <mtext></mtext> - Textual data - used to insert textual data within a calculation
  • <mn></mn> - Numerical data - used to represent numerical data within a calculation

So when constructing a calculation you piece together each element you require. For example:

<math><mn>2</mn><mo>+</mo><mn>2</mn><mo>=</mo><mn>4</mn></math>     Which gives:     2+2=4

Try it now!

Enter your MathML code for the following sum:
Image: x + y + z




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