Titles, captions and credits

To obtain more professional results in the final exported video, you may add titles, captions and credits to your movie.  

These options are built into Movie Maker and provide an easy way to introduce the topic, add captions at appropriate times within the video, and to credit all relevant people.

The titles scene also has a role as a spacer between scenes.  If you delete the title text that is generated when you add a title item, and move the title scene between two clips in the timeline, it will provide a fixed length black screen (minimum 1 second), which can be faded to and from between clips.  This approach will allow you to space out the clips and create a more natural feel between scenes.  Titles could also be used in this way to prompt the questions on screen that the interviewee is about to address.

Adding titles

You can add titles to your video easily using the title option in the home tab of the ribbon.  The programs default title will be added with a duration of 7 seconds.  Beneath the title scene (black screen in timeline window) you will notice a small coloured box.  Double clicking this box allows you to set the text for the title of your video, and you can place the title overlay on the playback window to control its placement. 

The title is automatically aligned with the title scene, however, you may click and drag the title bar in the timeline window to make it span over two clips in the timeline.

Adding captions

The process for adding captions is similar to adding a title, however, the caption will be inserted at the current playback position.  As before with trimming or splitting, place the playhead where the caption is required then click the caption option in the home tab of the ribbon.  

Adding credits

To add credits, click the credits dropdown menu from the home tab and select from one of the predefined options.  You may wish to chain a number of credit items together to achieve a smooth flow through all credits.  This approach may also be used with titles to introduce subjects and topics. 

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