Editing a clip

After you’ve imported files, you're ready to start the editing process. You can always import further files (including multiples of the same clip) when you are ready for them, they will be appended to the end of the current clips. Using Windows Movie Maker, you can edit clips in a variety of different ways. You can split a long clip into shorter clips, combine clips or trim the length of a clip.

If you require a visual cue for the audio on a clip, select view>waveforms from the top menu bar. This will overlay the audio waveform inside the clip on the timeline. This will allow finer tuning of trimming and splitting operations.

The view menu also allows zooming of a clip in the timeline window. Changing the zoom level will alter the number of frames which are displayed in the timeline window which will allow for greater accuracy when performing operations.

Using a combination of these operations can quickly create a sequence of clips ready for export, however, the clips may jutter between the scenes so further editing may be required.

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