UHIInclusive Practice Toolkit

This resource underlines the specialised nature of disability support and equips practitioners to develop the professionalism involved in assessing student need, recognising the need to ensure consistency in the process by which students are supported across our partnership. The resource highlights our legal obligations and responsibilities (both individually and institutionally) towards disabled students and outlines practical steps each one of us can take to ensure our practice is accessible to the students we work and interact with. I encourage all staff, professional services and academic alike, to refer to and make use of this resource.

(Vicki Nairn, Interim Principal and Vice Chancellor)

What is included?

The resources below provide standardised, pan-UHI, guidance in relation to disability support and inclusive practice.

Who is it for?

Content has been developed with cross-partnership input and is aimed mainly at student support and teaching staff, but it is equally relevant for staff across our university, whether you are new to your role or looking for a refresher of how an understanding of disability support and inclusive practice is relevant to your role.

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Student support practitioners

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All staff


Sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this resource to date, and to colleagues in the university’s Educational Development Unit (EDU) who have led the technical development.

We will work with colleagues in the EDU et al. to review and update content annually.