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The range of information a PAT could need probably touches on every aspect of student learning.  It’s not been possible to include everything within these resources but here are a few essentials:

UHI Records

Log into UHI Records

Then click the PAT button from the Staff Hub:

And click View My Students:

The My Students screen includes a Student Support column. A View link and flag will be visible for any student who has an arrangement in place within Additional Support Online as a result of disclosed additional support needs. Click the View link for further details of the support measures agreed for that student.

If you can see a flag in the Student Support column without a View link you are advised to contact local Academic Partner Student Services in the first instance to ensure the appropriate records are set up.

Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP)

The university's web-based Additional Support Online system enables students with an approved Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP) in place to access their support records via UHI Records. The system records a student's interactions with Academic Partner Student Services and is available to FE and HE students.

Additional Support Online allows students with disclosed needs and relevant staff (e.g. student support practitioners and Personal Academic Tutors) to view and work from a single source of data from within UHI Records. On-demand reports are now also available to provide details of specific student requirements on a need-to-know basis (e.g. to Academic Partner Exams Officers, for the purposes of implementing exam arrangements).

The system promotes transparency in the provision of student support and engages the student as an equal partner in the process.

PATs can use Additional Support Online to:

  • View
  • Identify
  • Download
  • View
  • View

International students

Each international student will have a HAP and it is the responsibility of that HAP to assign a PAT to those international students just as they would for any other student. Each academic partner will have either a designated individual or department with responsibility for ensuring legislation is complied with and becomes process. They will work with departments and teams within their AP to ensure any such requirements are reinforced. There will be a natural interaction between the PAT and the aforementioned individuals and departments e.g. the PAT may need to flag up poor attendance.

International student

About these resources

About these resources

The University’s Student Support team and the Educational Development Unit (EDU), have worked together to create this resource of interactive guidance materials, designed to support Personal Academic Tutors throughout the university colleges and research institutes carry out their duties and responsibilities effectively.

This resource is designed to be viewed online, but it can also be downloaded as a PDF document. . A number of small sections can be printed separately and these are indicated by the print icon. It can be viewed on any device type or operating system. A headset and speakers will be required for the audio and video content. The resources have been structured around the four broad roles of a Personal Academic Tutor:

  • Academic advice
  • Signposting and referrals
  • Online module selection
  • Student withdrawal



The resources have been developed with the support of many staff outside of the project team including many contributions from existing PATs. The project team are proud of the fact that the resource that has emerged from current practice at UHI.

A number of staff contributed to the content of these resources – some provided source content; some provided advice and guidance and others reviewed the content for quality; accuracy and appropriateness.

Members of the project team were

Ian Horne –
Evelyn Campbell
Matt Sillers
Valerie Innes
Heather Fotheringham

If you have any queries about the PAT role please contact:

Ian Horne - 01595 771251
Michaela Gilmore 01463 27927

Encountering a problem

Encountering a problem

If you encounter any problems in using the material, please contact the EDU (email: stating:

  • The name of the resource
  • The nature of the problem
  • The section of the material where the problem occurred
  • Which internet browser you are using.  This information can be found by going to -



UHI provides links to external sources of information and may refer to specific Web sites, products, processes or services within this resource. Such references are examples and are not endorsements and whilst every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of information provided UHI is not responsible for any of the content or guidance. You are advised to exercise caution.

Information on social media websites may also be provided. Staff using social media websites must comply with the University’s social media policy. It is recommended that you fully understand the terms and conditions of use before using these sites and that you take steps to protect personal or sensitive data.




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